SharePoint 2016 Features (Scope:farm)

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"Connect to Office" Ribbon Controls

Adds entry points in the ribbon user interface for creating library shortcuts in the user's SharePoint Sites list if they have a recent version of Office installed. Office will periodically cache templates available in those libraries on the user's local machine.






This feature staples Blog notifications and likes feature to Blog site templates



Access Service Add Access Application Feature Stapler

Enables the Access Services Add Access Application feature in each site that is created.

Access Services 2010 Farm Feature

Adds farm-level Access Services 2010 Features to the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation framework

Access Services Farm Feature

Adds farm-level Access Services Features to the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation framework

Access Services Solution Gallery Feature Stapler

Enables the Access Services Solution Gallery feature in each site collection that is created.

Accessibility Checker

This is internal feature to check the accessibility issues for pages

Admin Links for InfoPath Forms Services.

InfoPath Forms Services admin links.

Administrative Reporting Core Pushdown Feature

This feature activates the Administrative Reporting Infrastructure feature in all site templates.

App Monitor user interface

Enables tenant admins and central admins to monitor apps

Autohosted App Licensing Feature Stapling

Enables autohosted app licensing UI for app catalog sites.

Base Site Features Stapling

Staple Base features

BDC Profile Pages Tenant Stapling Feature

Staples Profile Pages feature to sites that use the tenant admin template.

Bulk workflow process button

Adds the process all tasks button to complete workflows in bulk

Cloud Video Thumbnail Provider

Provides the functions to generate thumbnails for videos.

Content Following Stapling

Activate Content Following feature on all site collections.

Data Connection Library

Adds Data Connection Library feature

Delve Controls Host Feature

This feature hosts controls that enable Delve features to interact between Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.dll and other SharePoint dlls.

DM Content Type Setting Links

DLC Document Management content type setting links.

Document Preview Providers

Feature that provisions document preview providers for common file types

Enhanced Html Editing

Enhanced Html Editing for the Content Editor Web Part

Excel Services Application View Farm Feature

Adds farm-level Excel Services Application viewing features to the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation framework

Excel Services Application Web Part Farm Feature

Adds farm-level Excel Services Application web part features to the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation framework

Farm Level Exchange Tasks Sync

Enables the Exchange Sync Timer Job for Work Management Service Application. Customizes the ribbon for SharePoint Server Tasks lists, enabling users to opt in and out of the Work Management synchronization with Exchange Server.

Feature Pushdown Links

Link to display the feature pushdown page

Global Web Parts

Installs additional web parts common to all types of sites.

Health Reports Pushdown Feature

This feature activates the Health ReportsLibrary.

InfoPath Forms Services UI Elements Removal

Removes InfoPath Forms Services UI Elements

List Content Targeting

Installs a button on the List Settings page to enable content targeting using audiences.

Manage Profile Service Application

Manage Profile Service Application.

Mobile Browser View feature stapling

Enable Mobile Browser View feature stapling

My Site

Installs features related to My Site and User Profiles.

My Site Cleanup Feature

Installs and uninstalls Farm-level job for My Site Cleanup.

My Tasks Dashboard Custom Redirect

This feature enables redirection back to the My Site from linked SharePoint tasks.

My Tasks Dashboard Stapling

This feature staples (connects) the My Tasks Dashboard feature to the MySite template.

Office Workflows

Workflows activated automatically upon site collection creation Entry Points from SharePoint

This feature enables entry points from the SharePoint user interface that allow users to browse SharePoint solutions from

Offline Synchronization for External Lists

Enables offline synchronization for external lists with Outlook and SharePoint Workspace.

Organizations Claim Hierarchy Provider

Installs Claim Hierarchy Provider based on Organizations.

Portal DiscoPage Feature

Portal feature that sets the DiscoPage property of the default web service to spsdisco.aspx.

PPS Site Stapling

PPS Site Stapling

Premium Site Features Stapling

Staple Premium features

Profile Synchronization Feature

Installs job for user profile and membership synchronization with team sites.

Publishing Features Stapling

Staple Publishing features

Records Management

Adds records management and information management policy capabilities to Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

Records Management Tenant Administration Stapling

Records Management tenant administration stapling.

Search Admin Portal Links and Navbar

Out-of-Box Search Portal admin Links.

Search Central Admin Links

Search Central admin Links.

Search Server Web Parts and Support Files Stapler

This feature staples the Search Server web parts and support files feature to all templates.

Secure Store Service Stapling Feature

Stapling Secure Store Service Tenant Administration to Tenant Administration template.

Share with Everyone feature stapling

Feature stapling for Share with Everyone feature

Shared Service Provider User Migrator

Installs features related to migrating user data when a user's account information changes.

Shared Services Infrastructure

Shared Services Infrastructure

SharePoint Portal Server Master Site Directory Capture Control

SharePoint Portal Server Master Site Directory Capture Control.

SharePoint Server to Server Authentication

This feature provides the server to server authentication capabilities.

Site Feed Feature Stapling

Staples the site feed feature to all new Team Site site collections.

Site Mailboxes

Enables the provisioning of an Exchange mailbox for sites on this farm and connects the documents from the site to Outlook.

Site status bar

Creates a Microsoft OneNote 2010 notebook in the Shared Documents library and places a link to it on the Quick Launch. This feature requires a properly configured WOPI application server to create OneNote 2010 notebooks.

Sku Upgrade Links

Link to display the portal to office server sku upgrade page

Social Tags and Note Board Ribbon Controls

Adds entry points for social tagging and note board commenting to the ribbon user interface.

Spell Checking

Enable the Spell Checking in list-item edit forms.

Standard Content Type Settings Links

Provides standard links for the Content Type Settings page.

Standard Site Settings Links

Provides standard Site Settings links for a site.

Standard User Interface Items

Provides several standard user interface components and links.

Suite Nav

Suite Nav

Taxonomy feature stapler

Staples the Field Added feature to all sites created

Taxonomy Tenant Administration Stapler

Activates taxonomy related features in the tenant administration site.

Tenant Business Data Connectivity Administration Stapling

Staple Tenant Business Data Connectivity Administration Feature to TenantAdmin Template

Tenant User Profile Application Stapling

Staple Tenant User Profile Application Feature to TenantAdmin Template

Translation Management Library

Add a library template to manage the document translation process.

Upload App Analytics Job

Uploads aggregated app usage data to Microsoft. Microsoft uses this data to improve the quality of apps in the marketplace. If you have multiple content farms connecting to the same search server, activate this feature only on one farm.

User Profile Administration Links

Installs links related to administering the User Profile service.

User Profile User Settings Provider

This feature provisions the User Profile User Settings Provider.

Visio Process Repository

Visio Process Repository document library feature

Visio Web Access

View Visio Web Drawings in the browser

workflow service stapler

workflow service stapler